Igor Springer, founder of devcompass My name is Igor Springer. Due to Coronavirus I currently have day offs on every Friday. I decided to use that time to build something. Inspired by people sharing their products on pages like Indie Hackers and Product Hunt I started creating devcompass on 17th of April, 2020.

What is it about?

I am a sofware engineer. It is common for engineers to learn new languages, technologies and techniques on a daily basic. We try to use the best tool for a problem.

Every time I want to learn something new I need to spend some time looking for the best resources to gain new knowledge. I personally enjoy reading lengthy articles especially. Other developers may prefer other resources though. Books, tutorials or podcasts to name a few.

That is why I decided to become an indie hacker and collect the best resources in one place.

I would appreciate your help. To make devcompass the best place with the best resource can:

  • share resources you enjoy the most,
  • vote on the already available resources to promote the best ones,
  • leave me some feedback,
  • request a feature that you would like to be a part of devcompass.


I would like to stay transparent about every aspect of devcompass.



I do not earn any money right now. I have some ideas though.

  • I would like every category (e.g. Ruby) to have its own patrons. A company becoming a patron could make its brand known across developers.
  • For some resources using affiliate links may be possible.
  • Companies may place job offers somewhere.

User tracking

I decided to skip tracking users from the beginning. I can collect some basic statistics based on:

  • number of requests,
  • number of votes.

It should be enough for the time being. I respect your privacy.